about us

To understand what the Antica Quercia (Ancient Oak) is, you need to walk through our vineyards, look at everything that surrounds us, sit beneath the shade of the big oak and listen to the silence. We are on the axis that connects the high peaks of the Dolomites to Venice, nestled among unique hills which give us everything we could want. For vines, olive trees and all the other trees we grow are looked after and respected according to the rhythms and the rules always suggested by nature. We like to think that Antica Quercia is above all a beautiful place to stay. We do it for ourselves, for people that live with us and for future generations.
For this reason, our daily work aims to harmonise every choice we make, without forcing nature, as if everything was a continuous flow of energy.


The Scomigo hills are our hosts, in a small district of the municipality of Conegliano, an area where - in addition to wine cultivation - there is a widespread production of artistic ceramics, a place where the soil is enhanced in various ways. L’Antica Quercia is a single plot of 25 hectares where vineyards, olive and pomegranate trees alternate, under the watchful eye of the two ancient oaks that overlook from the hilltop. In the valley floor, a small lake is the resting place of herons and other birds that come and visit us. Sometimes they eat some grapes as well and if they appreciate them, it means we must be doing something right!


The constant fresh wind blowing in among our rows comes from the north, from the Belluno Dolomites mountains that we are part of. In winter, it whistles on the other side of the door, when we try to escape from it, it sometimes calls to us and captures our thoughts, taking them with it out through the window. In summer, it helps us in our countryside work, blowing gently and continuously, making our job more pleasant and bringing relief to the vineyards. But then it moves, continues its journey through the Venetian plain and reaches Venice, the starting and finishing point of age-old cultures and the starting point of our dreams.


The Antica Quercia has been overlooking the hills that surround the estate for many centuries, and our fellow countrymen tell us many anecdotes when they come and visit us. We love searching through the archives and sometimes we come across curious stories, such as some documents dated back to XIII sec. that describe commercial negotiations that took place in Scomigo, just “Sub Quercum”, which proves not only the presence of the tree, but also its importance as a meeting place for the villagers. The maps drawn up in the 1800 already marked the plots that host the old Quercia and the surrounding vineyards. It has been mentioned a number of times since, and most recently in the book “Vino al vino” (Wine to Wine) by writer, Mario Soldati, three volumes written from 1968 to 1975 in which he describes the Wine in Italy of that time. It contains a beautiful excerpt dedicated to the Ancient Oak of Scomigo.


…La Quercia is the name of a real and beautiful Oak that stands on the edge and toward the middle of the long-hump which runs through the entire estate. The sun comes from everywhere, from morning to night